Thursday, February 21, 2013

Buckled pavement closes US 89 south of Page

By now, many of you have probably already seen photos of US 89

A 150-foot section of the road “buckled” yesterday morning (Feb. 20) in an area about 25 miles south of Page – the cause of the highway damage may have been a geologic event.

While it will take a while to assess what happened and figure out how to fix it, we can tell you now that ADOT is currently conducting a geotechnical analysis that will determine the scope of highway repairs to be made.

Once a determination is made, ADOT will utilize emergency contract procedures to restore the highway.

For the foreseeable future, the section of US 89 will remain closed in both directions between US 89A, which takes motorists west toward Jacob Lake, and the US 89 junction with SR 98 in Page.

US 89 buckled pavement closure.
Motorists will use an alternate route to and from Page while this section of US 89 remains closed. That alternate route detours motorists on US 160 to SR 98, which is about 45 miles longer than the direct route (see map for detour).

Moving forward
ADOT funds will be used to cover the repair costs. At a future date, ADOT will seek reimbursement for the repair costs through the Federal Highway Administration Emergency Repair Program. The reimbursement process does not hinder action to repair the highway.

Keep informed
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  2. I hope that is maintenance and rehabilitation of the highway as soon as possible ...I am confident engineers who are there ...
    Greetings to you from Iraq

  3. I find it ironic that when push comes to shove, Gov. Brewer rushes to the federal government, hat in hand. Yet, when the federal government seeks to work with the state of Arizona, the governor rebuffs the president, at times bruskly. The principle of federalism implies a two-way street. The state of Arizona assumes federal support in this case, but is unwilling to reciprocate in other areas.
    It is unfortunate.

    1. Good point and true!

  4. Can 89a be used to kanab

    1. Good morning,
      US 89A isn't affected by this closure. The portion of US 89 (between US 89A and the US 89 junction with SR 98 in Page) is what's closed.

      However, it's always a good idea to check out the current road and weather conditions at before you travel, just to make sure your planned route isn't restricted.


    2. Thanks it is very hard to make a phone call in az &actually talk to a real person to find info thanks again from eh CA


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