Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ADOT works to wrap up US 89 geotechnical investigation

Just as construction to upgrade N20 begins, ADOT is wrapping up its geotechnical investigation at the US 89 landslide site…

As we’ve mentioned before, the geotechnical investigation is the first phase of the solution – the ultimate repair of US 89 will be based on the results of the geotechnical work happening right now.

And, you can see in the video above, that work has come a long way.

“I think we have a much better feel for what’s going on now than we did on February 20,” says Keith Dahlen, geo tech engineer with Kleinfelder. “We’re mapping, we’re drilling, we’re doing test pits, we’re just basically creating an underground map of what’s happening.”

We hope you recognize some of the geotechnical terms used in the video (inclinometers and TDR), but there might also be a few new ones that you don’t know.

If you stay tuned to the blog, we’ll shed a little light on those words and we’ll, of course, continue to keep you updated on the progress of US 89 and N20.


  1. I am a local resident, and am hearing that people have heard, from ADOT offcials, that it will not be fixed. I think it is about time that ADOT, finally speaks out about what is really going to happen on 89A.

    1. We understand how important US 89 is to your community and want you to know that US 89 will be repaired.

      Since February, ADOT engineers and geotechnical experts have been working to determine the best and safest way to rebuild. The geotechnical report is now complete and ADOT is reviewing the recommendations.

      As soon as we have a plan in place we will announce what our course of action will be to repair US 89 and how long we anticipate that ultimate repair to take.

      To stay informed about US 89, please visit and sign up for email updates. You’ll find videos, photos and US 89 news on the site, too. ADOT also has set up an office in Page that is staffed twice a week. From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Wednesday and Thursday, ADOT has a representative at Page City Hall, 697 Vista Ave. to answer questions from the public and give the latest updates on ADOT’s plans to repair the highway.

  2. Can you define shear? The term was used several times in the video. Can you map the shear from underground? Is that what you are doing? The science around mother nature is interesting and helps to understand the process of fixing the problem.


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